Ilian Simeonow

Stuntman / Action-Actor / Artist


In my workshop stunt you will receive intensive insight into the areas Stunt, Satge Combat and spectacle.

So I work with you / your group, depending on the commitment, small to large choreographies (eg. for stage plays, dance performances, film scenes) to entire stage plays out. Or do you need material for her demo tape, so you made a sensational appearance guaranteed..

Schools and students can register as a whole school or class an unforgettable day make (eg. for sports day at school, class reunion).

I come personally to you or you come to me. For details and prices are available below.


In addition, a stunt workshop is an excellent way to health, fitness and athleticism to gain. In addition to coordination skills and other skills.

To whom is this workshop for?

Primarily, this workshop is aimed at actors / actresses, amateur actors / actresses, theater initiatives, theaters, clubs, martial arts schools and students.

For me, everyone is having fun in it and in addition also has a serious interest, something to learn, welcome.

What are you learning?

Key elements of the course are:

The complete program includes among others the techniques of case school, body control, gymnastics, acrobatics, pantomime, stick-/sword fighting, fencing (just the basics), theater sports of different martial arts and Body Stunt, Film & Theater battle, crashes, jumps and more.

You learn complex relationships, real up in front of the camera. Falls authentic for sale and much more.

What to bring?

What to bring:

If you for example book at their school, so it would be nice if we (me and the kids) could use the sports hall. The farm also goes. This of course applies to all other Instutionen and companies the book this workshop in a group more than 5 person is large and does not come from the Dresden area.

Everything else will be provided by me.

For single persons or groups up to 5 people, a hall in Dresden, are in bad weather, is available, otherwise we'll go out into the fresh air.

Workshop Weekend: stunt-riding

There is also the opportunity to participate in a workshop stunt rider Week-end.

This special workshop always find place only in the months of March and April, October and November.

This special workshop is aimed at more experienced rider or a stuntman (her but should already riding can) they would like to continue to wrap in the area riding, stunt riding or action.

There are all the basic principles and elements for the stunt riders learned and put into practice. Vaulting is an essential part of this workshop.

The whole thing will take place in Leuthen (Germany). Horses and accommodation (it is here only a few places) are placed among the first participants. There is the possibility that you can bring a tent with. Electricity and water are of course free, and Sanitation.


Prices for the workshop Stunt Rider:

All prices are excluding VAT and travel expenses in the amount of 0.30 €/km. Also suitable for larger groups. For more information and prices please request.

Ask here for more information