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The history of the Stuntman

The circus has given birth to the stunt. Artists, jugglers were his first cast. Antics on celluloid tore the people with just as in the real ring.

The men who came for Josh and venture before the cameras, he was called from there to stuntman.

The first stunt of cinema history was seen in the film The Count of Monte Cristo in 1908. Five dollars paid to the director the skilful acrobats. He had to jump into the sea in a spectacular scene upside down from a cliff.

Stunt means something like Cascade - and comes from the Kaskadeur from the circus milieu. Cascades are hurting daring jumps without engaging seriously. This required a long training in the ring and perfect body control in order to present to the public the next day the sensation again can. Some of the early action performer come from there, like former Artist Buster Keaton. He realized even with its silent film colleagues Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin many of his own stunts

These specialists soon had two solid names: Stuntman or Cascadeure.

Later discovered by producers in the Western Rodeo Star Yakima Canutt their henchman. From the 1930s he was the key figure in the stuntman training. Among the apprentices, incidentally, was also John Wayne. Canutt sat with his stunt technology important standards for today's professionals.

Horse Stunt

As immortal applies the famous scene from the film Safety Last of 1923 with the stuntman Harold Lloyd.
In this film he climbs a skyscraper tall and has proved itself in battle with the clock tower. The film images were actually taken on a skyscraper. In these recordings, there were two hedges:

Mattresses Occupied platforms under each point at which was filmed and a hidden under clothing corset, which was attached to wires.

Without this safety device there would have been no film permit. After the recording was interested Harold Lloyd, what benefits the hedges would have had if he would have fallen. What had fortunately no one knew when filming, demonstrated a doll in the subsequent security sample. Despite collecting mattresses dummy smashed on the ground.

Film Safety Last

The same stunt was then repeated in the movie "Miracles / Canton Godfather", 1989 by Jackie Chan. Insgesmat three times he let himself fall from the tower and he hit very hard on every time. Also the awning through which he fell could not absorb all of the speed. Chan himself said "But all in all it was a good stunt."

Jackie Cahn models are Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. It looks emulates the following examples like Jackie his idols.

Jackie Chan Stunt

Top Jackie Chan down Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton Stunt

Famous Stuntman

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