Ilian Simeonow

Stuntman / Action-Actor / Artist


For more than 13 years experience in film & television productions, stunt shows, vaudeville, circus, theme / amusement parks, fairs, galas and special events.

2013, he starred in the movie La belle & la béte as Stuntdouble for Maxime (Nicolas Gob), further again at the motorcycle show in Leipzig with the guys from Globe of Speed.

2011 Ilian Simeonow occurred after three years on the last time the Pirates Open Air Theatre Grevesmühlen, he played the role of "Don Merdas " , an ambitious lieutenant.

Earlier this year he starred with Globe of Speed (6 riders in a ball of steel) at several events, including Tuning World Bodensee. Additionally you saw him in November last year in the movie The Three Musketeers.
Among colleagues, Ilian Simeonow occurs to as the " Action Artist" , a so-called all-rounder.
He graduated at the State Ballet School and School of Circus Arts Berlin as a certified diploma Artist (Trampoline-Cascadeur).

He was born in Dresden and has been living the happy in Dresden but his work in the world.

Special Skills

These include, among others:

Stuntman of passion

For more than 10 years working on the international stages of the world.
From Norway to Dubai, in the large or small vaudeville revue theater, his work in the world and he brings wit and charm as well as his ability and skills the audience to marvel.
Whether as an artist, stuntman, actor, magician or entertainer, Ilian Simeonov thrilled large & small with his daredevil stuns or with action and comedy on the stage , and ranks among one of the best Kaskadeure of this business. His skills include:
Stunts, trampoline, Acting, horse stunts, fencing, acrobatic stunts, High Falls, body stunts, diving, magic and lots more!
Furthermore, security is with him in the foreground , making him but does not scare to master her in action scenes daredevil stunts.
He works professionally and conscientiously and with due respect for his work.

History of the Stuntman

In the Middle Ages, jugglers and artists went about and impressed by their skills.

The french word for the Today's stuntman "Cascadeur" came from the time and translates an Artist = the "cascade" (daring jumps). These acrobats knew even then, how important it is to properly prepare to show off their skills even the next day.

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Tasks of the Stuntman

To the field of the stunt double for the performers heard in dangerous scenes. A stuntman is not to be confused with a pyrotechnician , SFX technician or set designers and decorators, even if partially stuntmen have knowledge in these areas.

The main part of a stunt is the planning and preparation, in which all risks are systematically excluded.

The purpose of this site

This website is designed for those who are interested in stunt, stuntman, acrobatics and artistry in television and cinema productions. It shows Ilian Simeonov, a stunt man, stunt double, artist and magician from Dresden, photos, videos, and very personal .

So - have fun

Ilian Simeonow "Stuntman of passion"