Ilian Simeonow

Stuntman / Action-Actor / Artist

Workshop Fencing

Stage fencing was and is an integral part of many drama schools and for good reason. In addition to the obvious benefits for auditions for relevant productions following qualities are developed in training:

In addition, fencing is an excellent way to health, fitness and athleticism to gain.

On if this workshop aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at both fencers and to interested laymen or actor. But brave beginners can feel free to engage, to learn you will be forever.

The workouts are similar to a beginners workshop in sport fencing, although at a higher level. Focus on the tactics and their use in combat (stage combat).


In the Renaissance combinations such as sword and dagger or cloak and dagger were common. Correspondingly, this workshop will be devoted to the sword or rapier as the only weapon.

However, if you are interested in one and two-handed weapons, so please know before ordering.

Furthermore, combinations such as shield and ax or lance are possible. Again, on prior request.

What are you learning?

Key elements of the course are:

During the workshop the basic rules in stage combat, the safe handling of an edged weapon, posture and step technique in stage fencing and a combination of various attack and defense techniques are taught, and then display a small scenic choreography.

Stuntman Ilian Simeonow

What to bring?

What to bring:

Previous experience in stage combat are not required. The weapons are made. However, it can be brought with also like to own weapons.


Workshop Fencing:

All prices are excluding VAT and travel expenses in the amount of 0.30 €/km. Also suitable for larger groups. Ask here about for more information.