Ilian Simeonow

Stuntman / Action-Actor / Artist


From small to today, a long way.

I saw the light to the world on 13 February 1980 in Dresden. My mother, Irina Simeonow (born Schönball ) was an active athlete from 1964 to 1977 (the birth of my brother). She was Junior Champion GDR, GDR champion in sports acrobatics and is a trainer at PSV Dresden since 1989 (sports acrobatics and trampoline).
My father , Stefan Iliev Simeonow was a man of classical working class. He worked as a professional driver in a coal trading and after the turn in a moving company. Now he is retired with 2 broken discs.
My brother Marko, KJS Dresden visited (Children and Youth Sports School, diving). Because he wanted to be absolutely Artist, he went in times of upheaval, 1989 at the State Ballet School and School of Circus Arts Berlin. He specialized in springboard acrobatics. His other skills include the Wheel of Death, trampoline and Globe of Speed. With the latter he made it into the 1999 Guinness Book of Records.

My first 6 years of school, I spent at the 35th Middle School Dresden. After a change and a further 4 years at the 36th Middle School Dresden I was looking for new challenges and found these in training as a Artist on the State Ballet School and School of Circus Arts. I learned to play guitar next to my training and know the deepest secrets of sorcery.
I could then never set quite know what sport I wanted to exercise, so I just made all that which I had loss. But since I was 8 years old, it was my dream to be a stuntman. This was as good as impossible as a child in GDR times and after the turn I send with 12 years write to Action Concept (greatest stunt production company from Germany). Unfortunately, you informed me that I was too young. This was one of the reasons why I went to the artist's school.

After my involvement 2000/2001 Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin, I was called on 2 January 2002 and did my military service in the 2nd Parachute Battalion 373 Doberlug -Kirchhain.

Since it was actually my goal I had to be a stuntman take another detour. After 2 years of working again as an artist I learned in 2004 the boys and girls of the stunt team "Artist of stunt" know and gliedertet me straight in the team with a. There follow two years intensive training and numerous stunt shows and performances in the field stunt. In 2006, we parted ways and I decided to start their own stunt team. Said and done, in the same year I founded the stunt team "Action Artist". The special thing about it was that it was half - Xtreme artists and performers and we are so enteckten a new niche for us. Because of stress, culminating in a heart attack, I unfortunately had to disband again in 2009 the team. However, such deep friendships that hold to this very day and I am still working with my old colleagues.

Since 2005, I am one of the regular drivers at the team Globe of Speed ??and since 2008 Doomwheel runner. In 2003, I worked for a year as a springboard acrobat and high diver. In 2006 I began to work as an action performer. Since 2000, as a magician.
Because I can record movements very quickly for me to then retrieve and show off again, I endteckte my talent and was thus able to work in many separate genre and gain a foothold. Many see me as one of the most versatile all-rounder and artists, Xtreme artists and stuntman from this business.

From a young age drew me from my great creativity and imagination, which culminated in playfulness. Even when I was a kid I had constantly to fall down with a lot of talent.
This was followed, to be exact, had 17 holes in the head, of which 12 are sewn. This happened aged 4 to 18 years. In other words, I was a klutz.
The happiness or much more my coordination skills saved me from more serious injury ultimately. However, these were not the end. I know not remember exactly, but there were about 8 to 10 times that I had to be transported by ambulance and once was with the fire truck.
As far as I can remember right, started the whole while diving. Thus began a machinery which found no end.

Sports activities

In other words, I needed the exercise!

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