Ilian Simeonow

Stuntman / Action-Actor / Artist

How to become a Stuntman/woman

But how do you learn to jump from bridges to rush through glass panes, or be run over by a car and the possible without scratches?

The experienced stuntman Ilian Simeonow, recommends beginners the internship with a professional, "It is common that young people mostly directed by veteran stunt people trained and this profession", "be prepared" stuntman. In my opinion, the mentoring program is (as I call it) one of the best, in addition to the 5 1/2 years training to Cascadeur on the artist's school, which is undoubtedly seen as the most ideal way

Special schools in Germany form from beyond stunt young, but without public certificate. Most private schools take this for about 2 years, and the whole course has its price. This, numerous workshops and seminars the opportunity once in the profession into it to sniff. No stuntman survive without organizational skills, teamwork skills and flexibility.


Perhaps the profession is therefore for career changers so obvious, if you have similar skills. Many gymnasts and athletes often find their way to the stuntman. Even martial artists have often found the way to the stuntman.

In the first hour, however, found their way to the film often many circus performers.

What conditions you should have:

which prerequisites are not so welcome:

The stars of the past, the former title, included the silent film pioneer Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd


Injuries are an occupational hazard for stuntmen, however, the risk is calculable. The Stuntman need to know just how he himself and the film crew protects. Trust in colleagues is vital.

Bruises are part of everyday working life. Broken bones, cuts and occasional concussions to the inevitable companions.

Since Jackie Chan fell dangerously few years ago, a piece of rubber sealed the hole in the head. The unconquered hero of Asian martial arts films began his career with the way Bruce Lee movies as a stuntman.

Today Stars left their stunts largely the professionals, it must be even. The cost of the failure of the main characters will not accept any production company.

A stuntman you can easily replacem an actor, however, is difficult.


Secure social stuntmen are so good or as bad as other people in show business too. The Action Doubles work either permanently employed, with production companies and stunt shows, or free.

About one thing you must be aware, "Up until the ripe old age" it goes with the physically demanding job is not as a rule. For times without jobs and pension you have to somehow take precautions.

Most Stuntman are career changers and therefore generally have a technical apprenticeship to you. Readily, it should not even go on, can return.