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How do I become Artist/in

Are you interested in a career as an artist?

Then there are several ways you can approach your destination. Very highly dependent on the chosen form of training among other things with your age, because many training programs are age-restricted. In addition, you can decide whether you prefer to attend part-time and full-time in the form of seminars or training in your choice of training form.

Training as artists or artist is offered by many different schools. Among them are nationally recognized artists schools such as eg. "The State Ballet School and School of Circus Arts", where government financial statements can be obtained from several years of full-time education. This training must be started very early and can be combined with a regular schooling.

They are especially suitable for children and young people, their further life, for example, by belonging to a circus or family of artistes already pre-stamped and pre-determined.

The advantage of these artistes schools is that the children while also gaining a nationally recognized education, culminating in the school leaving certificate or the diploma.

Free artistes schools

Another option is to attend a free artist's school. Many of these schools also offer high-quality training to full-time. But other conditions compatible with the conventional working life teaching models are usually available. So the interested in evening or weekend courses can be trained for several years to artists.

At the end of these courses are recognized exams. Many artists use the services of these schools for regular training. So they visit weekly or weekend seminars to exchange ideas with other artists on new developments and opportunities and to benefit from the knowledge of their colleagues. After all the acrobatics and their auxiliaries are subject to constant change and follow different trends.

Disadvantage of these private schools artists are often the costs. Furthermore, one already needs a mostly completed training. However, this is not a must.

Children's Circus

There are of course, there the children circuses, where you can also learn much besides fun and even kompelxe Artistic presenting, can work alone or with friends and family. Mentors are usually "retire" Gone artists, Ye know to pass on to the next generation.

Here the children have the opportunity with their parents to spend time together and let off steam entirely in the area of artistry.

Advantage of these schools, in addition to the low cost, this is the whole family together so may work out tricks and feats then demonstrate this at organized celebrations. So all in all, fun for the whole family.


Many gymnasts and athletes often find their way to the artist's school but also the children of Circus family often choose this route.

What Precondition lines you should have:

Unfortunately, you can not make sweeping statements what to bring to conditions here. Since each individual artist's school, whether public or private, sets up their own criteria for inclusion.

Other alternatives

Who does not attach increased value on diplomas or titles, but has the talent and the character prerequisites, which can directly join a circus and train there everyday with the artists and learn from them. But this way is - like the circus life itself - very hard and can be very lengthy.

A prescribed learning path does not exist here, and it depends very much on the personality of the individual and interpersonal chemistry on whether he can work out a firm place among the other artists.


Secure social artists are as good or as bad as other people in show business too. Artists work freelance as a rule.

About one thing you must be aware, "Up until the ripe old age" it goes with the physically demanding job is not as a rule. For times without jobs and pension you have to somehow take precautions.

Most artists will be in the course of time, usually even to coach/teacher at schools artists or go another way in the field circus, vaudeville or event.