Ilian Simeonow

Stuntman / Action-Actor / Artist

Workshop-Circus Circus Children

My aim is to bring to life dreams of children and to teach them that they as individuals are part of the social cultural events.

This cultural educational work is the media and digitally controlled society against cultural and artistic design possibilities and provides a content density and project fullness that knows no boundaries. Children, teens and adults learn and their skills with humorous exercises and games in the group know on a new layer and appreciate.

Here kids can get a taste of the magical world of the circus and the theater. With exciting individual and group exercises and a wide range of expression and movement games creativity and coordination get going.

Also a nice way for kids and parents to collect common experiences and get to know each on a new level.

In addition to performances, such as the circus, the Circus also is taking some sports play a key role, especially in artistic gymnastics. It also has a meaning in some dance forms like rock 'n' roll and break dancing. On the whole, the cultural significance of artistry tends to be underestimated today, although it plays a major role in many "modern" extreme sports like free climbing, parkour, skateboarding.

In addition, Artistry is an excellent way to health, fitness and athleticism to gain.

To whom is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed primarily at children and young people and their parents as well as actors can only benefit from a profounded knowledge of artistry. Whether beginner or advanced courageous, you can feel free to engage, to learn you will be forever.

Under artistry refers to the demonstration of an artist of skill and physical exercise before an audience for show. Frequently they also objects are used, such as juggling.

What are you learning?

Key elements of the course are:

In Artistry Workshop can you acrobatics, juggling, diabolo, devil sticks and learn more. You need no prior knowledge.

What to bring?

What to bring:

You need no prior knowledge. Material is provided.


All prices are excluding VAT and travel expenses in the amount of 0.30 €/km. Also suitable for larger groups. Ask here for more information.